Tracking Ruskin Bond

When I was a kid, I was not interested in reading and considered books as my enemy. The only relation I had with the wide open world of literature was through the thin English text book which was compulsory as per syllabus.

But class 8th English was different, It had a short story named The Cherry Tree where a boy plant a cherry seed in his backyard with the help of his Grandfather in Missouri, a place I have not heard of.

But this story some how draw me into the characters and Himalayan background. Infact the boy along with cherry seed had sown something inside me.
A seed named ‘Perspective’, It began to grow slowly and changed my life and my outlook to nature and literature.
So I took a decision that day, I will meet this author and speak to him that he had infuenced my life. I don’t know How, I don’t know When, one day….

Today after 13 years, I am here with the real ‘Grandfather’ in the Story.

… ‘Just one small seed,’ said Rakesh, and he touched the smooth bark of the tree that had grown. He ran his hand along the trunk of the tree and put his finger to the tip of a leaf. ‘I wonder,’ he whispered. ‘Is this what it feels to be God?’…

Thank you God for this life.


Between his Books


Exploring newspaper for interesting news/story thread.


His room. Look closely, you can find many characters roaming around.


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