Global Data Command & Control Center

Data servers are the main foundation in which IT Infrastructure of a Company is built.

The whole performance and production of the company are affected by the outages in the Data servers. Hence the main focus is on reducing the production downtime caused due to IT Infrastructure outages.

But many IT Infrastructure – Data Centers uses Legacy technologies. Hence it is very difficult to monitor the various parameter in the Server Room.

The main goal of this project is real-time monitoring of server parameters, provide prediction and alerts based on the captured data.


Discover Phase

The only possibility to reduce the IT Infrastructure outage is through monitoring and optimizing the efficiency of DC components such as Power Distribution Units, UPS, Battery, Temperature, Humidity, Water Leak Detection System(WLD), Gas Suppression System, Electrical ATS(Automatic Transfer System), Electrical Bus Bar system and PUE (Power Utilization Effectiveness).

An IoT based Remote Data Center Monitoring and Management system can be used in this scenario.

Hence to study more about it, 120 incidents (Outages) happened in a period of 2 Year are taken from a Data Center. The incidents are classified and grouped depending on the Root cause of each incident.

Each group is again studied and tagged as ‘Predictable’ and ‘Preventable’, depending upon the data available.

Thus we can divide the Outage into two category- Internal Triggers & Enternal Triggers


Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) alludes to the interconnection of embedded computing-like devices which are uniquely identifiable within the actual Internet.

IoT is expected to offer advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes above machine-to-machine communications and covers a variety of protocols, domains, and applications.

Server Room serves a critical function in an organization because it controls the flow of data and the storage of such data for future use. A data center runs on a 24 hour, 365 days basis, therefore, it is always sustained with sufficient air conditioning system and uninterruptible power supplies. Due to ceaseless nature, a data center requires the excellent monitoring and data protection from defects caused by accidents to the Network Infrastructures.

The most usual environmental threats to server rooms are temperature, humidity, water leaks, intrusion, human error, power outage and vibration. Many threats are raised, like temperature and humidity, which complicates environment monitoring and enhances the need for an automated, sophisticated system.

These threats can deteriorate database, slow performance, and force hardware to shut down. The expenditure of environmental threats are:

  • Restoration of damaged items.
  • Lower worker potency due to spare time.
  • Lost earnings from inaccessible server-based applications, like customer service centers or e-commerce sites.
  • Increased administrative time and funds to inspect and fix problems.





Different parameters in a Servers rack are measured using sensors. These data are transmitted to the cloud using a Gateway. Sensors are connected to Gateway by WiFi/RF signals. The parameters/conditions in the Server Room are transmitted to the cloud. Data is processed in the cloud.

Data received in the cloud is processed and transmitted to the monitoring app. This application provides a real-time information about the server status along with the Alerts/Notifications. Using the previous data along with AI is used to make predictions. These predations are used in maintenance of Data Center.

Interaction Design
The real-time monitoring of all Data Centers across the World.

Status of each Data Center with Parameter Values.

Analytics on different Parameters of a Server Rack.


Visual Design
Login Screen


Landing Screen. World map is displayed with the status of the Data Center. Red indicates Alert and Green indicates Normal.


Racks in a Data Center are displayed with Rack Parameters.


Clicking on a Rack will navigate to Rack information.


Option to record Human Errors.

A company can work effectively only when Data Centers are uninterrupted. With this system, the outages can be minimized considerably. As a result, IT Infrastructure team are able to perform following tasks:

  • Connecting to critical elements responsible for outages
  • Real-time visibility into Power & Temperature control parameters on a single platform
  • Trigger proactive and reactive alerts during threshold breach
  • Availability of Responsive Web App both on standard systems and handheld devices