Malayalam Typefaces belongs to one of the most beautiful and complex typefaces in the world. They have curly & bulging characters which give them its dynamic touch as well as fluidic flow.But existing Typefaces has failed to capture this immaculate beauty and flow in them. As a result, this typeface is my effort to bring back the true potential of Malayalam typeface.

The name comes from the nickname of my all time favorite author ’Bepore Sultan’ Vaikom Muhammad Basheer and this typeface is a tribute to him & his work. The dynamic curves are inspired by the surrounding world like.. Big nose of an elephant, pink cheeks of a baby, stomach curves of a beautiful woman in saree.


The font is totally free. But the designer request fellow typographers to remember & smile in the memory of the real Bepore Sultan while using this typeface.

Download typeface here

Bepore Sultan Typeface