A Tribute to Discovery Channel

Discovery and National Geographic channels are my favorite channels. Knowledge and Information these channels transfers to the viewers are huge. That’s why I am a big Fan. Hereby using Quilling I create an art piece for honoring Discovery.

Potential of Quilling is much more than making Paper Jewellery. My Love for Typography and Paper has made quilling interesting for me.

The first thing which comes to my mind when thinking about Discovery Channel is Animals, Wild, and Nature. Hence I thought to represent Shapes of Letters in the words of Discovery as Animals in different Postures. But Discovery Channel not only shows Animals and Nature but also Science How can I represent it?… hmm….. To represent Science I will quill a Space Shuttle. ..then why not?. Discovery Space Shuttle

Here Space Shuttle is Rising to the Space leaving exhaust Flame and Smoke. This smoke diffuses with the clouds and atmosphere covering the everything in the Art Piece.