Color of the Universe

An Image can change a person’s life.

So 2 years back, I was mesmerized by the photo of Milkyway taken by Navaneeth Unnikrishnan. Little did I know that I will embark an adventure just to see this wonder.
After calculations, research and an unquenchable thirst for adventure, I reached the most remote corner of the earth, Hanle. The land of no clouds and blue sky, so clear that moon is visible in the middle of the day.

A place where Normads lives with their yak and sheep, a place where herds of giant Tibetian wild ass (Kiang) run as you ride. A cold desert where human gaze has not struck.

But the real magic happens in the night when the whole place is transformed into something unseen, and indescribable. A point to see the far corners of the mighty universe.

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