70 Days of Himalayan Solitude

70 Days of Himalayan solitude is my solo road trip across mighty Himalayan mountain ranges from Pakistan border in the west to Bangladesh border in the east via Nepal and Bhutan.
A once in a Lifetime adventure trip where I rode my motorbike across 3 Countries and explored 5 International borders.

A journey in which I ride on the most treacherous and remote places in the world and was struck by the beauty of nature and its magical phenomenon. An endurance journey where I risked my life to travel through dangerous terrains and high altitudes where there was insufficient oxygen to breath and in weather so cold that I even got a frostbite and nearly got killed. It was a trip in which every day I faced new challenges and experiences. A journey wherein I came across new cultures, people and places which outside world has not heard about.

This trip is not about destinations but more about the journey itself, about moments that take my breath away.

Distance covered: 9,000km
Days: 70, 2 Sep -10 Nov 2017
Countries Rode: 3, India, Nepal, Bhutan
Ride: Motorbike- RE Thunderbird 350

International Border Explored: 5, India-China Border, India-Pakistan Border, India- Bangladesh Border, India- Bhutan Border, India- Nepal Border

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