5 Reasons why designer’s should Travel

Have you ever felt that the work you are doing is becoming less interesting as the day passes? Do you feel that new ideas are not surfacing as before? Are you feeling that the quality of designs delivered is dropping?
Then my friend you are not alone. I was in that situation before, and I know what you want.
You need a ‘change’ and Travelling is the best medicine for that.
I spend 2 months every year for travelling and can say this 2 month is fueling the rest 10 months.


Following are the 5 reason why a designer should travel:

1. For Inspiration
It does not matter where you choose to travel, whether it is another unknown places miles away or place in your neighborhood, what matters is whether you get inspired in your journey. Inspirations for a designer is a like a water to a plant. It is really easy to lose some of your passion in your job with deadlines and long meetings.

It is always recommended to start the journey with open senses and absorb inspiration from surroundings and situations. Sometimes you may find the spark for a great idea in your journey. People we meet in these journey has a lot to offer, it may be a new language or culture. These will become food for your creative thoughts.

If you ask me who is the greatest designer in the world? I will shout ‘God’ without a second of thinking. Mountain, valleys, desert, sea and oceans bring an awe wonder, which can’t be experienced from the 4K-color display of your workstation.

Travelling is the best way to get inspired and a great reminder of why we became designers in the first place.

2. For a new perspective

Every designer (in fact human being) create a universe with him/her as the center of the universe. Travelling has the power to break the foundation of this universe. It brings a new perspective towards your life.

As we know Design is based on empathy. There is something about walking in someone else’s shoes that lets you empathize and connect with them. Hence it is very important that your perspective should be aligned with the user. So if you are designing a product to everyone, then think like everyone and be like everyone. And that everyone is not the rich man in the suit but also the poor man in the slums of Jodhpur or Mumbai.

Travelling gives the opportunity to meet different people from different culture and will result in understanding better. Hence it enable us to embrace this difference and celebrate it. It gives a clear path to the destination and gives the power to achieve it.

As you travel, you can see the self-centered universe vanishing away from you.

3. To experience and learn
Can you learn how to swim, by reading or by jumping into water?

Each mile spend on the road will add a new page of experience in your chapter of life. The person left the door will not be the same one who had returned. Physically there will not be any difference, but the experience gained has changed him/her within.
There will be occasions when the language, culture and religion create barriers in the path. But these situations can be easily tackled from the lessons and experience acquired as the path unwinds.

It teaches you about being more social, independent, courageous, and being aware of your surroundings.The people will call you crazy and will not believe in the journey. But let’s be deaf to these because you have long miles to travel and want to experience the world by yourself.

4. For a Break and some Solitude 
Maybe long meeting and scheduled life have made you think about yourself, like ‘I was fun before but not anymore, maybe the world is not the same’.
But that’s not true, the world is the same and always will be, it is you who have changed. It’s time to take a break and go somewhere quiet. It provides you with solitude. Time to think about you. To look deep into yourself.

Travel will simply make you find the better side of you which you think has lost. It may uncover some of your hidden qualities as the path unwinds.

5. To marvel the beauty around

When I saw the mighty Himalayas for the first time I was awestruck by the beauty of it. Hence I spend next 3 days just marveling it. Whether it is the call of mountains, blue of the oceans or variety of forest, everything nature has offered us is enchanting. Nature take you to a magic show and mesmerize you.

It will make you appreciate the beauty around and discover the hidden treasures.

That all. Keep traveling!

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