• Wandering in the Paradise

    Riding/ Traveling on the Himalayas is only possible if these majestic mountains allow us to pass through them. Many people make plans, but without the consent of the mountain, you can’t even make a step. The terrain is very difficult. One slip at an altitude above 10,000ft will be fatal and landslide will be deadly. […]

  • A Journey to Kailash

    M K Ramachandran books on Himalaya will take your breath away. Reading his book itself is a spiritual journey. He will take your mind across the majestic mountain, home of God, Demons, Devas and other mystique creatures.
    As a result, my curiosity was drawn to Kailash, the throne of Lord Shiva.
    Hence, I started to research* and […]

  • McLeod Ganj- The Little Tibet

    McLeod Ganj, also known as “Little Tibet” is in Dharamshala in North Himachal Pradesh. It is a place where Buddhist chants hover in the air, where the last hippie culture can be found, where people across the world come to meditate and find peace. After that, some leave, some stay.

    It is the capital of refuge […]